virtual file concatenation

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When refactoring code to read from more than one file in sequence, I will
occasionally use somthing like this, which works but makes me
feel dirty:

open my $fh, "cat file1 file2 file3 |" or die $!;
while(<$fh>) {

I'd rather virtually concatenate file handles, like this:

## $fh1 $fh2 $fh3 are already open read handles
my $fh= IO::Something->new($fh1,$fh2,$fh3);
while (<$fh>) {

where $fh is an object of a class inheriting from IO::Handle (but probably
not from IO::Seekable, although that would be nice) which will read from
$fh1 until the end, then from $fh2, then from $fh3.

I've looked in CPAN but haven't seen anything, which kind of surprised me.
Is there something I've overlooked?  If not, would this be a worthwhile


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Re: virtual file concatenation wrote:
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@ARGV = qw/ file1 file2 file3 /;
while ( <> ) {

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for my $fh ( $fh1, $fh2, $fh3 ) {
    while ( <$fh> ) {

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