Using SOAP::Lite and .NET

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i have to access to informations in a PC and they are avaliable via a
webservice in .NET.
I do not know webservices but i thought they are accessible via SOAP so
i decided to use SOAP::Lite

I'm trying to understand how it works so i've a webservice at this

This service has a method (i hope it is called in this way in english)
called CognomeNome in which, if you pass a number it gives you a name
and surname...

My script doesn't give me any output so i can't understand where is the

Can you give me any suggestions?
Many thanks!!

use SOAP::Lite;

        -> uri(' ')
proxy(' ')


  @res = $soap_response->paramsout;

  $res = $soap_response->result;
  print "Result is $res\n\n";

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