Using Module::Build to XS

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I have volunterred to maintain the LSF::Base and LSF::Batch modules on
CPAN , I am in the process of rewriting the module's Makefile.PL
(which uses the ExtUtils::MakeMaker) to use the Module::Build's
Build.PL process. Unfortunately I have not been very successful in
writing the Build.PL to do all the complies. Also I have not been able
to gather any information regarding the use of Module::Build to do XS
complies. Any inputs on where I can get this information would be
really helpful.

I have tried to write the Build.PL by using the following code snippet
but this was not able to create the shared object for Dynaloader to

my $builder = Module::Build->new(
    module_name         => 'LSF::Base',
    c_source             => 'lib/',
    include_dirs        => [ $lsf_includedir ] ,
    extra_linker_flags  => $libs,
    extra_compiler_flags => '-DPERL_POLLUTE',
    create_makefile_pl   => 'traditional'

Also any inputs on the Module::Build's equivalent of the below
Mafile.PL will be greatly appreciated.

    'NAME'         => 'LSF::Base',
    'VERSION_FROM' => '',
    'LIBS'         => [$libs ],
    'DEFINE'       => '-DPERL_POLLUTE',
    'OBJECT'       => '$(O_FILES)',
    'INC'           => "-I$lsf_includedir"

If this is a RTFM please do scream at me


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