Using HTTP::Proxy

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I am having trouble getting this to work. Can anyone tell
me what I am doing wrong? This is simple test code.

use HTTP::Proxy;
use HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::simple;
use HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::tags;
use LWP::RobotUA;

my $proxy = HTTP::Proxy->new;
$proxy->port( 3128 ); # the classical accessors are here!
print "post set\n";

# you can also use your own UserAgent
my $agent = LWP::RobotUA->new('my-robot/0.1', '');
print "agent = $agent\n";
$proxy->agent( $agent );
   mime     => 'text/html',
   response => HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::tags->new(),
   response =>
   HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::simple->new( sub { s!html!HTML!ig } )

# this is a MainLoop-like method

I run this on my server (Linux). I get no error messages at all.
Then, from the command line on my server, I try


And lwp-download just hangs. Am I doing (or attempting) something


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