Using DBD::pNET with DBD::Oracle

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Not sure if I should post this in comp.lang.perl.misc, but thought I'd
try here first.

I may need to connect to an Oracle server from a Perl client on a remote
machine without using DBD::Oracle on the client (because the
"decision-makers" won't install Oracle client libraries on the client
machine).  Is anyone here familiar enough with DBD::pNET and pNETagent
to know if they will work well (or at all) with DBD::Oracle on the
server?  I did a bit of google searching for
DBD::pNET DBD::Oracle
pNETagent DBD::Oracle

but did not succeed in finding an answer to my question.



Re: Using DBD::pNET with DBD::Oracle

Jim Cochrane wrote:
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1. Have you looked into DBD::Proxy ? That may solve your issues
if the client only needs basic SQL access. Alternately, the
"new kid on the block" is DBD::Gofer which offers some
improvements for HA/stateless access, as well as an HTTP
based protocol that may get thru firewalls more easily.

2. You should consider subscribing to;
there may be more expert eyeballs to respond to your

Dean Arnold
Presicient Corp.

Re: Using DBD::pNET with DBD::Oracle

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Thanks very much for your response.  I took a quick look at DBD::Gofer
and I see it doesn't support transactions, which we need.  I think
DBD::Proxy does, so hopefully it will work for us.  (Oddly, DBD::pNET
and DBD::Proxy appear to be written by the same person (Jochen Wiedmann),
yet docs for one don't refer to the docs for the other.  It looks like
DBD::pNET may have served as a base for DBD::Proxy.)

I think I'll take  your suggestion and subscribe to
I suspect they'll have more useful info/advice about these tools.  I'm
also going to try posting on comp.lang.perl.misc - I suspect a lot of
DBI users hang out there, too.



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