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Re: URGENT: no response - LWP::UserAgent

> Danny wrote:
>>> Danny wrote:
>>>> I dont expect anything for informing everyone it is urget, for
>>>> information only.
>>> But why do you add that information?
>> Because its true, it was urgent. It was information relating to the
>> problem. It shows that im willing to work immediatly to resolve the
>> problem. That the thread will not sit unanswered for days.
> Ah, ok. Maybe: "I will read all your replies with great care and report
> on solutions proposed as soon as possible"
>> But to be honest, this was the first time I have used newsgroups. I
>> have been messing with servers and websites for about 5 years and
>> never needed to use them. And it will be the last time I use it. I
>> felt isolated, and quite shocked at how a community service can be so
> Usenet is not a free helpdesk. See it as going to a crowd of people and
> asking them for the time. How you ask *does* matter how the people in
> the crowd reply. Moreover it is very important to understand that you
> can not insist on what kind of answer is presented (for free!) to you.
>> rude and unforgiving towards new visitors.
> Not knowing the "rules" on Usenet is seen as being very rude. If I visit
> a new country I read at least 2 books on the customs :-D.
>> Everyone needs support with
>> something at one point - even you.
> True, I rarely use Usenet for asking questions, since I am very good at
> getting information, but sometimes that doesn't work and yes, I use
> Usenet. But I have been using it for like 14 years, so I know the
> "rules" :-D.
>> I hope when you require help your
>> treated with a little more respect than I was.
> Sometimes yes, sometimes no. What works: read what people have to say,
> if you don't understand ask. Apologize if you are told you did something
> wrong (like top posting, I assume you use that style in email too?
> Don't, it makes it harder and harder to read).
> Also, every Newsgroup has several people that consider themselves the
> "elite" of the group, they make some extra rules besides the commonly
> accepted. The sad thing is that quite a few newcomers think that kissing
> up to the "elite" is the way to go, and hence make the situation for new
> and other regulars worse.
> So basically, try to follow the common accepted rules, never fight them,
> some are in use since the group came into existence, and they are there
> for a reason (almost every week I see someone defending top posting).
> If you make a mistake, read the reply carefully. Don't fight it just
> because the other made you look like a full. If you fight it, do it
> because it's unjust. And Netiquette is not unjust :-D.
> Everybody has his/her limitations, some people are limited in the way
> how they reply to people making errors ;-)
> --
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Ok, I made mistakes in how I replied etc. end of story - Im sure people have
more interesting posts to read than what I have to say.

Takre care everyone,


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