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Are there any feelings about using Unicode::CLDR as the namespace for
some modules to deal with CLDR data since perl5 doesn't seem to have
an unified way of dealing with this and it's a fairly large gap
compared to some other languages?

I have written a complete implementation of Section 3 of

Unicode Technical Standard #35 (http://unicode.org/reports/tr35 /)

which I'd like to upload as Unicode::CLDR::ID

It is the only full implementation that I know of for locale ID
parsing, validation and canonicalisation according to the CLDR
specifications and it's intended as something further CLDR modules can
use. It seems that there have been a few abortive attempts over the
last few years to get a complete CLDR implementation for perl5 which
is sorely needed.

Re: Unicode::CLDR namespace

philkime wrote:
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IMHO it's a good name.

I have here on my harddisk a yet not finished (needs more functionality
and tests) implementation of an interface to ICU
(http://site.icu-project.org /):

Unicode::ICU::Number - format and parse numbers for locales/rules

All of them are related to CLDR. If I adapt the naming to your idea the
names should maybe adapted to e.g. Unicode::CLDR::ICU::Transliterate - or?

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Pure Perl? If yes, then the name is ok.

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Nice. This means I need not develop it myself. Please send me direct
mail after upload.

Helmut Wollmersdorfer

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