Tree::Range 0.22 released

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 IS> I guess I'd consider [adding Tree/Range.pod] for 0.2.  (Which I
 IS> hope'll be the release fixing only the documentation and the
 IS> metadata.)

    Alas, it didn't work out, as I've ran out of features of 0.1
    while working on my other code, and had to add a few more.

    Anyway, I'm pleased to announce the release of Tree::Range 0.22,
    which should appear on shortly.  The
    user visible changes from 0.1 are as follows:

      - New Tree::Range::conflict and Tree::Range::RB::Conflict classes.

      - New range_free_p, range_set_over, range_iter_closure, min_node,
        and max_node range tree methods.

      - Removed all the mentions of the base package (or pragma.)

      - The key comparison function is now called only once per the
        underlying tree node being deleted while associating a range
        with a value (was: called up to two times.)

      - Minor fixes and improvements to the documentation.

    One may also notice the prior 0.21 release, which actually
    already contains all of the changes above.  The only
    "user visible" change from 0.21 to 0.22 is that the switch to
    2-argument package declarations (made in 0.21) is now reverted,
    and the code should again be compatible with Perl 5.10.

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