Transition of CPAN to Perl6 ?

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Greetings.  What's intended to happene to all the Perl5 CPAN modules ?
Will there be big push for authors to translate their stuff into Perl6 ?
Can the translation be automated ?
In fact will it be done automatically anyway ?
Or is the intention to prune out some less
approved modules and reorganise the namespace ?

(Hope these aren't FAQs somewhere... :-) )

Regards, Peter

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Re: Transition of CPAN to Perl6 ?

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The latter sounds very interesting, but is probably a huge undertaking.

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Re: Transition of CPAN to Perl6 ?

Peter Billam schrieb:
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You will be able to use Perl5 modules within Perl6:

  use perl5:Some::Module;

But there are also plans for a "cpan6", which will allow modules of
several programming language (Perl5, Perl6, JavaScript, ...) to be hosted:


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