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from using older version of GD and gd (GD 2.05 and gd 2.0.9) upgrading to gd
2.0.33 and GD 2.16 i would like to make the following statement (and make a

when updating from gd 2.0.9 to 2.0.33 it seams like ->stringTTF method does no
longer allow to write NULL or zero length string to an image.

when upgrading either gd 2.0.9 to 2.0.33, possibly together with an upgrade of
GD to 2.16. it seams like one can no longer use ->stringTTF to write text that
in whole or part is located outside the image.

now to the wishes:
A. when 1 or 2 occurs a error message should state the problem. at the moment
there is no feedback whatsoever, the per script just stops at the line in
question, leaving no clues on why it stopped.

B. in the case of 2. i would like to be able to allow printing text outside the
image. this might seem ridicules but sometimes strings with text grow too long
for the image and simply extend outside the image. such situation must not break
the execution of the script.


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