TL1 module namespace

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I'm looking for feedback on the most suitable namespace for a `TL1'
module I've written. Google searches for existing TL1 modules have
showed up none so I've written a new module.

TL1 is a command language used to configure telecommunications devices.
Alternatives to TL1 are SNMP and for example Cisco IOS CLI. SNMP is not
in human-readable format. Cisco IOS CLI is human-readable but free
format; TL1 is human readable but input and output are specified in
detail. This makes TL1 ideal for scripts that interface between
provisioning systems and the actual network elements (typically
referred to as `northbound OSS integration')

The module I've written telnets to a port of a TL1 gateway and executes
one or more commands. The response to each command consists of a header
and a footer. The module parses this response and puts the results in
data structures.

Next to the TL1 module, I've written a TL1::Alcatel module which
implements TL1 commands specific to the Alcatel AWS TL1 gateway.

My thinking was putting the TL1 module in the Net::TL1 namespace and
create a separate package for the Alcatel module and put it in the
Net::TL1::Alcatel namespace.


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