Tk::PlotDataset v2.04

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I.T. Dev Ltd is pleased to announce the latest release (v2.04) of the
Tk::PlotDataset module.

The module is a quick and easy way to build an interactive plot widget into a
Perl application, featuring zoomable plots, log axes and plot highlighting.

We last made an announcement on this forum when we released v2.01. Since then
the following features have been added:

 * Support for y-error bars on plots.
 * Control over when points (and error bars) will be marked on the plot.
 * Support for reversed axes. An axis can be reversed by swapping its minimum
and maximum values around.
 * Ability to disable zooming.
 * Control over which mouse button is used for zooming.
 * Plot legends will be wrapped on to multiple lines to prevent them extending
beyond the width of the graph.

A big thank-you to Thomas Pissulla (Institute for Nuclear Physics, University
of Cologne) for his work on the y-error bars support, and to Mike Nix (WA
Network Maintenance) for adding the wrapping of the plot legend.

This new version remains fully backwards compatible with its predecessors.

To download the module from CPAN go to:

Tim Culmer

I.T. Dev Limited - Hardware & Software Development Services

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