Tk::PlotDataset v1.00

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I.T. Dev Ltd is pleased to announce the first release (v1.00) of the
new Tk::PlotDataset module. The module is a quick and easy way to
build an interactive plot widget into a Perl application.

To download the module from CPAN go to:

The widget is an extension of the Tk::Canvas widget that will plot
Tk::LineGraphDataset objects as lines onto a 2D graph. The module
includes the following features:

* Plots multiple datasets.
* Plots are zoomable.
* Axes can be automatically scaled or set by the code.
* Optional second y-axis (Y1).
* Axes can be linear or logarithmic.
* Graphs have a legend.
* Includes a feature for highlighting plots when the cursor is held
over the plot or its name in the legend.
* Point values are shown when the cursor is held over a point on the
* The fonts, colours and layout of the graph are all configurable.

The Tk widget is based on the Tk::LineGraph module by Tom Clifford,
but has been changed so that the graph is no longer created in a
separate window, but as a widget instead. It therefore does not have
the drop down menus used to configure the graph in the original.

Tim Culmer

I.T. Dev Limited - Hardware & Software Development Services

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