Tie::Handle::CSV and newlines

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using Text::CSV_XS with the 'binary' option, I can create a CSV file
which contains fields which have newlines.

Excel will read that file just fine.

When trying to read back such a file using Tie::Handle::CSV,
even when specifying the 'binary' option, the
program barfs when it encounters the first line which
contains a field crossing a newline.

Is there any reliable way to be able to create and read
back files CSV files which include fields with newlines?


Re: Tie::Handle::CSV and newlines

On 02/01/2007 12:47 AM, Mathias Krber wrote:
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http://search.cpan.org/~danboo/Tie-Handle-CSV-0.05/lib/Tie/Handle/CSV.pm :

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Re: Tie::Handle::CSV and newlines

Mumia W. (NOSPAM) wrote:
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tried  that with the binary option too. no luck.

had to resort to using Text::CSV_XS directly to make it work. Hmm

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