three Parse::RecDescent related questions

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Just got the Advanced perl programming book and was reading a little
about this module.

However,  the examples did not touch following three topics
(or at least not clear enough for me to understand)

1.) parsing VERY big files.
Let's assume I'd like to parse a file, that does not fit into memory.
(for example a quite C / C+ program)

The training material gives only examples of reading in the entire file
and starting then the parsing.

I'd like to parse a huge file, be sure that it's syntactically correct
but extract information just for one module / objects.

Another application would be to read a very big file and just modify the
contents of very few functions , classes, but never store the whole file
in RAM.

How should this be done correctly?

I did not a good example and do just have some vague ideas about
- being sure, that there's always enough to read for matching the next
rule (but how)
- commiting whenever possible.

2.) following include statements

But try to keep memory low. The main file and the include file could
be very huge.

3.) decent C-style comment stripping,and keep file/char position accurate

If this is too difficult, then just comment stripping would be OK as well.

thanks and bye


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