The Month in Perl Software Design: Review of January 2005

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    The Month in Perl Software Design: Review of January 2005

    Overview of topics discussed on the Perl Software::Design mailing list
    during January 2004.

  List of object and package lazyloaders
    Terrence Brannon has developed and maintains a list of all CPAN modules
    which support dynamic object creation and/or package loading as their
    primary or tangential functionality:


  Logic programming
    Curtis "Ovid" Poe discusses his new Prolog interpreter and what
    softwaring engineering benefits it will offer him:


  PPI goes Beta
    Adam Kennedy's funded initiative to parse Perl documents has a beta
    submission to CPAN:


  Mutator chaining and the Design of HTML::Seamstress
    The design of HTML::Seamstrss was guided by the design of the package it
    derives from, HTML::Tree. Cavaletto and Brannon discuss the possibility
    of delegation to provide concise calling conventions for

    Cavaletto shows the pitfalls in mutator chaining when rewriting trees.
    Also shows how nify methods whose behavior is implicit from compiler
    hints can cause trouble:

    One definite conclusion: better to leave the tree manipulation work to a
    dedicated library instead of tricky compiler hints.
    HTML::Element::Library was the result of separating compiler concerns
    from library utilities.


    Perl Software::Design mailing list

        The Perl Software::Design mailing list is available from a number of


        Here are the mailing list archives to give you an idea of the


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