Text::Balanced to extract subs?

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dear perl users:  I want to write a function that extracts "ordinary"
subroutines from perl code.  (an equivalent task is extracting all
macros from a latex file.)  I am not trying to be too clever.  let's
presume I can recognize subs because subs and only subs always start at
the first character of a line and are not anonymous.  a sub is followed
by a name and can contain nested expressions.

I can do plain pattern matching to find the first occurance of the
first sub: '^sub [a-zA-Z]+'.  but now I am stuck.  I need to continue
on with a Text::Balanced expression right after, and after the
text::balanced is done, continue on with my regex search (\G).

this must be a very common problem.  is Text::Balanced the right module
for the task?  if so, can someone please point me to a simple example?

sincerely,  /iaw

Re: Text::Balanced to extract subs?

ivowel@gmail.com wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

sub  my_1st_sub_not_recognized {};
\w   = a word character



perl -e "print scalar reverse q/ed.enilno@ergn.l.hc/"

Re: Text::Balanced to extract subs?

Sorry, the pattern for a valid subname was just there for illustration.
 I am stuck on how to extract multiple consecutive subroutines that
have nested parens:
  # others
  sub a { if (0==0) { print "hi"; } }
  # more others
  sub b{ if (1==0) { print "hi"; } }



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