Term::Clui now works with mouse

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Term::Clui is a terminal-based command-line user-interface, with
various routines including choose($question, @list) which lets
the user choose between the items by means of, traditionally,
ArrowKeys and Return.  It comes with an associated file-selector
called Term::Clui::FileSelect
It's been around for a while, and it's my favourite module.

But since version 1.50 a few days ago, the user can choose()
using Mouse-movement and Left-click, just as if it was a GUI.
For many users this is a major enhancement in useability;
indeed for long lists it is objectively more ergonomic.

The mouse-handling is done at the xterm-level using
the \e[?1003h = SET_ANY_EVENT_MOUSE escape sequence,
and its kmous responses, which are supported e.g. by (almost)
all xterm, screen, rxvt, konsole and putty terminals.

The current version is 1.54 which also fixes a number of bugs.
Also included is a python3 translation with the same calling-
interface, to give your python friends an easy upgrade-path.


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