Template Toolkit dropping errors

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I'm using Template v2.8, and the problem is rather simple:

If I have an object O with a method foo declared as such:

sub foo() { warn "pre"; pop->sldkfjsdlfkj(); warn "post" }

sldkfjsdlfkj() is not an existing method on the object...

If I pass O to the template stash during templatize(), all is well so
far, but when I within the template try:

[% O.foo %]

I look in my apache error log, and see the "pre", but not the "post",
and there are no warning, or errors telling me that sldkfjsdlfkj() was
undefined (I use warnings and strict).

I tried diving around in the TTK source and inserting debug statements
and such, but had little luck.

Was wondering if anyone else had seen this, and had a clue as to what
is going on.

Thanks in advance!

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