Suggestions for Module Namespaces

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I have several modules I have been playing with for some time now. They
seem to be in good enough shape to share on CPAN, but before I  posted
them I was hoping for some input on the namespaces.

I have two modules which use WWW::Mechanize to pull account data from
bank and credit card websites. I used an API and naming convension that
was consistent with Simon Cozens' Finance::Bank::LloydsTSB module.
Finance::Bank::Schwab pulls account information from Charles Schwab bank
and investment accounts, and Finance::Card::Citibank pulls account
information for Citibank credit cards.

I've waffled on the F:Card:Citibank in particular. Citibank also has
bank accounts, so I didn't want to use F:Bank:Citibank.

The third module simplifies building a GUI application that uses a web
browser as a frontend. The code was adapted from Simon's November 2004
Perl Journal article, "Using the Web as a GUI". I have used the
Application::HTTPd namespace as it essentially creates a http daemon
with callback hooks.

I am working on a module that uses WWW::Mechanize to interact with the website. It lists photo albums, photos, and uploads photos via
perl. I have called it WWW::Ofoto but am also considering WebService::Ofoto.

And finally, I have derived a class from AppConfig that will (a) check
the command line arguements to see if you specified a config file before
parsing the default config file, and (b) provide a very simple method of
saving any updates to the configuration to a file. (It is partly derived
from Teodor Zalatonov's Cultured Perl article, "Complex layered
configuration with AppConfig".) I have used the namespace

So, here they are again with abstract:

AppConfig::Extended - A module for reading configuration file and
command line arguements based on Andy Wardleys excellent AppConfig

Application::HTTPd - A simple and quick HTTP daemon designed to quickly
enable the developement of a web-based GUI for Perl applications.

Finance::Bank::Schwab - A module to check to Charles Schwab account

Finance::Card::Citibank - A module to check your Citibank credit card

WWW::Ofoto - A module to interact with the ofoto website.

Thanks for your thoughts,

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