suggested module name: MIDI::SoundFont

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Greetings. I do lots of stuff with MIDI, including maintaining
modules in Python and Lua inspired by CPAN's MIDI-Perl module,
also my MIDI::ASLA module which appeared about a year ago.
I use TiMidity a lot to convert MIDI to audio, so I'd like to
be able to manipulate the SoundFont files that contain the
instrumental sounds that TiMidity uses.

I'd also like to be able to exchange sounds with Gravis .pat
files, and import little .wav files to make up new patches.

SoundFont editors are few; mainly Vienna which only runs on wndws.
It can't do Gravis, nor import new sounds without fiddly sample-
by-sample work with an audio editor.  So I plan to write one:
possibly a scriptable command-line thing with subcommands and
options, possibly using Term::Clui, possibly Curses. So I'd
like to modularise the file-format-encoding-and-decoding because
it's messy, and it would then become useful to other people.

If this is OK so far, the question of naming arises.
I'd like to suggest  MIDI::SoundFont  because although there
is some audio involved (perhaps 1 sec per patch) there are
about a hundred MIDI-controller parameters to be set, and
the ranges over MIDI-notes and MIDI-velocities, and then
the Bank and Patch-number; the MIDI content is much heavier
than the audio content, and I think it belongs in MIDI::*
I know of no name for the category of things which includes
both SoundFonts and Gravis patch files, and MIDI::SoundFont
is at least clear in meaning.

What does comp.lang.perl.modules think about  MIDI::SoundFont  ?

Regards,  Peter

Peter Billam

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