suggested module name: MIDI::ALSA ?

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Greetings. I do lots of stuff with MIDI, including maintaining
modules in Python and Lua inspired by CPAN's MIDI-Perl module.

I've often wanted to get at the alsa library, and just recently
discovered Patricio Paez' Python modules alsaseq and alsamidi
which gave me the necessary C code.  I'm currently working on
a Lua module which includes the functionality of both of these,
and it's almost releaseable now.  It also includes functions
to interface with the midi-event format of my MIDI.lua module
which is borrowed exactly from MIDI-Perl's format, e.g.:
  ('note_on', $dtime, $channel, $note, $velocity)

When this is released, I'd like to translate it into a
call-compatible CPAN module, because AFAICS there is currently
no access to ALSA within CPAN.

If this is OK so far, the question of naming arises; I'd like the
Lua and Perl modules to have similar names, so I'd like to fix
the CPAN name now, before releasing the Lua module. I'd like to
suggest  MIDI::ALSA  ( or MIDI::alsa ? ) for the Perl module, so
the Lua module could be midialsa.lua (or some recapitalisation).

What does comp.lang.perl.modules think about  MIDI::ALSA  ?

Thanks,  Regards,  Peter

Peter Billam

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