SSL LWP Timeout problem

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I've been looking and looking at this, to no avail.  I'm using
LWP::UserAgent and I need it to timeout on an SSL transaction.  It times
out fine when going to an HTTP URL, but the same URL in HTTPS mode
refuses to timeout and waits the entire 15 seconds that my test server
script sleeps.

Perl 5.6.1
LWP 5.63
Net::SSLeay 1.22
Crypt::SSLeay 0.35

Any thought?  I had considered upgrading everything to the most recent,
including Perl, but I'm using mod_perl and don't want to have to
recompile apache, mod_perl, etc -- because once this change is done it
will go to production right away.  The less upgrading, the better.


Re: SSL LWP Timeout problem

I hate to reply to my own post with the fix, just an hour and a half
later -- after lunch, I eventually decided to try upgrading various
modules, one at a time.  It appear the Crypt::SSLeay upgrade did it.  I
didn't realize how old that one was.  Sorry for the bother.


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