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I was hoping someone could advise me on an issue with files created with the
Spreadsheet::WriteSheet module.  I am creating file using the module and
these files are sent to another server which uses Microsoft ADO Jet Drivers
but is unable to open the files.

When a person manually opens the file and resaves the file in Excel
(incidentally, its Excel 95 format and is kept in that version), the
automatic process manages to open the file.

Is there something I can do to ensure the compatibility of my Excel files?
Or can anyone think of a reason why it may be unreadable?

Do I need to provide any more information?

Thanks in advance!

Raj Kothary :: one|concept

Re: Spreadsheet::WriteExcel

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Try the most recent version of the Spreadsheet::WriteExcel, 2.15, which
produces files in the Excel 97 format.

This behaves better with ODBC, and hopefully with Jet as well.


Re: Spreadsheet::WriteExcel

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Thanks John...I did do this and it did the trick.  I am now having an issue
with creating files with a large number of lines. I used to create files
with 14000 lines, but it seems to be giving me problems now. This is the
loop that creates the worksheets:

    # Process the output
    foreach my $flds (@report) {
        next unless $flds;
        for(my $i=0;$i<scalar(@$flds);$i++) {
            if (0==$row) {
            $sheet->write($row,$i,$flds->[$i], $font_size);

Can you see why this would work for a few rows but not for even 5000?


Re: Spreadsheet::WriteExcel

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