SpreadSheet::Write Excel- Is there a way to set background color for entire worksheet?

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I have had some experience using the Spreadsheet::WriteExcel module
and have been able to set the background- or Fill- color of an
individual cell.  But, I am interested in setting the default color for
the entire worksheet rather than 1 cell at a time.  I have been able to
do this with for loops setting the color for each individual cell, but
this is very inefficient.  I also notice there is a way to do this with
an HTML tag by creating a .xls file with the tag <BODY BGCOLOR = "color
name"> but I can't use HTML tags with the Spreadsheet::WriteExcel
module.  I don't think what I want to do is possible with this module.
Does anyone know if it is possible?

Thank you,

Alf McLaughlin

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