Sorting Hash of Hashes with HEAP module

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I would like to use the Heap module from CPAN to sort Hash of Hashes by
keeping track of what pairs of keys belong to what values.

I am new to OO programming, so I don't quite understand how I can use
the Heap module for that.

The SYNOPSIS provided in the documentation for Heap:
  use Heap::Elem::SomeInheritor;

  use Heap::SomeHeapClass;

  $elem = Heap::Elem::SomeInheritor->new( $value );
  $heap = Heap::SomeHeapClass->new;


does not help me at this point. I don't see how one can create and get
attributes of the $elem, if needed(if that is the way to go).If anyone
has used Heap with Hash of Hashes before or knows how to do that, I
would appreciate any help.

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