SOLVED: Curses::Widgets Runtime Error

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My original problem was:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This last message is the key. Most of the Widget set has calls to 'chgat'
like this:

  $dwh->chgat($y, $x, $length, A_STANDOUT,
    select_colour(@$conf{qw(FOREGROUND BACKGROUND)}), 0);

When all these calls are corrected to drop the null arg, like so:

  $dwh->chgat($y, $x, $length, A_STANDOUT,
    select_colour(@$conf{qw(FOREGROUND BACKGROUND)}));

the problem is solved.

Sincere thanks to Ekki Plicht and bzipitidoo for helpful comments.

(who now has his Curses::Widgets back again)
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