soaplite server and .net client

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I want to use my scripts on my site with webservices.

with the book 'Programming Web Services with SOAP'
I make tests with

Server: SOAP::Lite  'myhibye.cgi'
use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;
  -> dispatch_to('Fussball')
  -> handle;
package Fussball;
sub hi {
   #print "hi\n";
   return "hello, fussball";


sub bye {
   #print "bye\n";
   return "goodbye, cruel fussball";


sub languages {
  #print "languages\n";
  return ("HSV", "Perl", "C", "sh");


sub rechne1 {
  my $a = @_[0];
  my $b = @_[1];
  my $c = @_[2];
  return ($b+$c);



Client: SOAP::Lite ''
# -- SOAP::Lite -- -- Copyright (C) 2001 Paul
Kulchenko --
use SOAP::Lite;
print SOAP::Lite
  -> uri('Fussball')
  -> proxy('http://.../myhibye.cgi')
  -> hi()

And it works fine.

I want to use the SOAP::Lite Server with a .Net client.
Because, with .Net it is simple for me to build a gui-programm.

in .Net cs the call of the functions fails.
The error is:

Unhandled Exception: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHeaderException:

SOAPAction shall match 'uri#method' if present (got 'urn:Fussball/hi',
expected 'Fussball#hi' ..

In my cs-Programm  I set
this.URL  to 'http://.../myhibye.cgi'
Namespace to 'Fussball'.

And I read something, that it is a problem to call the function /

But I do not know what is necessary to solve this problem  ?

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