SOAP::Lite requires Expat

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sherm wrote:
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This is good to get the required header files in place, but I'm
confused how I can do this for a system that does not have expat on
it, and I am not a root user.  I'm trying to build this under CPAN and
have altered my "makepl_arg' to install to a local folder .. but how
do I point make to use the correct libraries ?  Do I need further
makepl_args ?  here's what I currently have :

 'makepl_arg' => q[PREFIX=/app/gmd/data/apache_perllibs \
    INSTALLPRIVLIB=/app/gmd/data/apache_perllibs/lib/perl5 \
    INSTALLSCRIPT=/app/gmd/data/apache_perllibs/bin \
    INSTALLSITELIB=/app/gmd/data/apache_perllibs/lib/perl5/site_perl \
    INSTALLBIN=/app/gmd/data/apache_perllibs/bin \
    INSTALLMAN1DIR=/app/gmd/data/apache_perllibs/lib/perl5/man  \

Re: SOAP::Lite requires Expat

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One option is to build Expat from source and install it to some location
that doesn't need root privileges - which I think is usually achieved by
passing the appropriate 'PREFIX=/home/user/..." argument to './configure'.
(Run './configure --help' prior to building for a full list of options.)
It should be a simple and straightforward build. The only difficulty I
experienced was that, after successfully running 'make', I had to manually
copy lib/expat.h and lib/expat_external.h to the tests folder to get 'make
check' to run successfully - but that might be simply because I was on


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