SOAP::Lite creating remote objects

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Im using SOAP::Lite to create a SOAP client, and I need to create an
object which has its structure defined in a WSDL file.
All of the samples i have found related to object creation/handling
with SOAP::Lite relates to handling returned objects, but I need to
create an object and submit it.
Is there a way to do this automagically using their provided WSDL file
(which does have the XML definition for the object i need), or will I
need to use something like SOAP::Data to build this object manually?

I have read the documentation, and like I said, most all of the
examples I have seen relate to dealing with *returned* objects, not
creating them before calling a remote method.

In case it matters, the WSDL file is here :
and i need to create a Product object, but i dont think that level of
detail is necessary to answer my question..

Thanks in advance,

Re: SOAP::Lite creating remote objects

Hi Gabriel,

You need wrap your object with SOAP::Data by yourself. ie. you need
customized serializer.  check out: SOAP::EnvelopeMaker.

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