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Hi There,

Have been struggling whole afternoon on how to get SNMP::Util working.
My (wrong??, hope so) conclusion is that it is not compatible with the
current Perl version anymore. Where can I see whether it is depracated
or something like that?

I try to install it on Fedora Core 5 using cpan. Taking that the last
maintenance was on June 28 2000 this does not seem to weird.

Any suggestions, any modules that might be able to replace this one?

Kind regards,

Re: SNMP::Util

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I think it should still be compatible (without actually knowing *anything*
about this module - and assuming it was, at some stage, compatible with

What errors were you getting ?


Re: SNMP::Util

During installation it only says that the tests fail and therefore will
not install. If you look at the prerequistes. I have tried all
combinations. I installed the newest SNMP package, the newest Net::SNMP
package. Even the fedora snmp-perl package but it does not install with
any of these. And since it did work on core 4 with a different perl
version (can't see which version since I put my new installation over it
:)) I (might be wrong) assumed that compatibility was lost when shifting
to either Fedora Core 5 or the newest Perl.

I am wondering how to turn on debug features with CPAN so that I can see
more about why the compilation fails.

Oh, and sorry for my late reply, have been away this weekend and have
only just come home again.


Sisyphus wrote:
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Re: SNMP::Util

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I would think that this question has been asked and answered on either this
list or c.l.p.misc (or both) - so a search of the archives might provide the

I don't use CPAN, so I can't tell you the answer - though I'm sure it can be
done, and would expect it to be explained somewhere in the CPAN

I always install manually - download the tarball, unpack it, then run 'perl
Makefile.PL',  'make test', and 'make install'. If a test script (let's say
't/test.t') fails, then verbose output can be obtained by simply running:

perl -Mblib t/test.t

You could try it that way if you like.


Re: SNMP::Util

Sisyphus wrote:
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Assuming you do not want to mess with tar yourself:

cpan> look SNMP::Util

will download the tarball, unpack it, and drop you into the directory
you unpacked it into. This directory will be in whatever shape CPAN left
it in; that is, if you already did (e.g.) 'install SNMP::Util', it will
have had 'perl Makefile.PL', 'make', 'make test', and 'make install' (if
'make test' succeeded) done. If this is the first reference to
SNMP::Util in your CPAN session, you have to do these yourself.

Once you are in the directory of the unpacked and 'made' distribution,
either Rob's method or

$ make test TEST_VERBOSE=1

will work. I like Rob's way better because it lets you look at the test
script output one at a time.

Of course, this may not get you where you need to be, but it's a start.

Tom Wyant

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