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Hi People,

Just one simple question and I am sorry if it sounds stupid, but...

Is Mod_Perl 1.99_08 the same as Mod_Perl2.

Thank you


Re: Simple question

on second thoughts.. I guess it is.......


Re: Simple question

ny152 wrote:
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Almost, but not quite.  There was a massive API renaming in the 1.99 ->
2.0 development process last year.  You can read about the changes at
<URL: .

Donald King /

Re: Simple question

Just a small tip: pick your Subject with care. Most people who start a
thread have a question, so no need to state the obvious.

A better subject would have been:

Mod_Perl: is 1.99_08 the same as 2?

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Re: Simple question

Thank you, Donald and John.
I will keep in mind what you said, John.
If I have any more doubts I shall post again.

Have a good day,


Re: Simple question

Hi I am back.

We are trying to deploy code (that was previously deployed on Apache
1.3 build 27, IndigoPerl I think) to the new version of IndigoPerl
(Apache 2.0.48).

Neither the website of Indigoperl nor the documentation mentions the
version of mod_perl used in the latest version but I know now its

My confusion is: Can I apply the changes that I am supposed to apply
for the Mod_perl2 upgrade to it? I would need to replace the old
directives with the new directives, right?

If I am wrong, please correct me. I appreciate every response.


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