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I wrote such a module:

=head1 NAME

SGF::Tournament - Tournament results and statistics generator class


Smart Go Format (SGF) is a popular format used to store board game info.
This module collects tournament information from a set of SGF files and
produces statistics tables in HTML format.

Although there is a number of SGF-related modules at CPAN in Games::Go
namespace, i don't suppose my module is Go-related (but currently it is).
So, should i register SGF namespace or rename the module to something like

Al Nikolov

irc: clown

Re: SGF namespace

On Mon, 01 Aug 2005 17:18:43 +0400, Al Nikolov wrote:

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Hmmm, is your module related to SGF (games) or to tournament data?  They
are somewhat orthogonal.  Oh, I see.  You're gleaning the outcome from the
REsult (and perhaps some other game-info properties) from a collection of
SGF files and creating stats, etc from that, right?  I think your name
should reflect that.  (I can only figure that out from your description
and because I'm somewhat familiar with SGF, not from the name
'Tournament'.) In fact, the SGF collection doesn't even have to come from
a tournament, does it?  Perhaps something like SGF_Statistics would be a
more descriptive name?

In any case, SGF is a pretty small niche - not really deserving of a
top-level namespace, IMO.  Games::SGF_Statistics perhaps, but then I've
never seen SGF used for anything besides go, so Games::Go::SGF_Statistics
seems most reasonable to me.  Yeah, I know the spec claims to be useful
for backgammon, etc, but does anyone actually use SGF for those games?  I
wouldn't know, I'm a go player (shrug).

Just my two cents...


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