Sending "page up" and "page down" character problem.

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I am writing a script that,

a. Initiates a telnet connection with a server S with user id UI and
Password P
b. It then sends a couple of commands to go in another directory

Now, I want to do a "page up" or a "page down" through my script. The
terminal that I am talking to is a VT220 type and has different escape

The escape sequence for a page down is "\e[6~" (without the quotes)

how can I send this through my telnet script.

For e.g. When I want to enter my user id and password i write

$remote = new Net::Telnet (Timeout => 30,Errmode => 'die');
$remote->waitfor('/password: /i');

How cann I do the same for sending the escape characters ???

I have tried $remote -> print "\e[6~";

but this does not work.

Any sort of help would be truly appreciated,



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