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I'm pretty lost: I want to write a simple (???) program to send off an SMS
message.. no ring tones or embedded pictures... just an app that'll replace
our current 'alerter' [that sends off pages] and take a phone # and a
message and fire of that message to that cell phone.

I checked CPAN and was stunned to find >200 modules that have something to
do with SMS'ing.  I was looking at NET-SMS and it looked simple enough
[something like an 8 line program to send a text message], but I'm utterly
befuddled by it all [and indeed, that's in no small part because I haven't
a *clue* how text messaging works at all, much less doing it over the
Internet instead of from a cell phone].

Has anyone managed to get something like this working and would be willing
to share some wisdom/info about what's going on?  THANKS!!


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Re: sending an SMS message

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I make an assumption on using GSM network technology. The core issue
is that you should get the message delivered to the SMSC (SMS Center)
of the desired operator (operator of the GSM subscription to which
you want to send the message). SMSes tend to cost some money apiece,
so there typically isn't any direct public internet interface through
which to send SMSes. Mobile operators typically offer (as a business
service) some kind of interface to the SMSC, charging at least by
month, and I think by message as well. If the target is to send just
a few SMSes per month, this rapidly becomes too expensive (especially
if there's more than one destination operator).

The easiest (and most economical) option in most cases should be to
hook up a mobile handset to the computer sending the messages, and
find out about the interface on the mobile to use to send off SMSes.
For fault-tolerance use two of these, hooked up to networks of two
independent operators.

Note though that there's no delivery guarantee for SMSes.
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Re: sending an SMS message


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My provider allows me to set up an email address for my cell phone.
Emails sent to that address come to my cellphone as SMS. I do not know
how prevelant this feature is, but it is something to look into.


(reverse each component and remove .invalid for email address)

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Re: sending an SMS message

Bernie Cosell wrote:

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For a simple application like that, you should connect
a gsm cell phone or gsm modem to your computer.

Then, using Device::Gsm module on CPAN, you can send
sms text messages with simple test scripts included in
the module distribution.

Installation requires (as documented):

* Device::Modem
* Device::SerialPort

Good luck!


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