Segmentation violation in Math:Pari when used in connection with Thread:Pool

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I have developed a script to run jobs in parallel on a multi CPU
machine. Therefor I use the module Thread:Pool version 0.32.

After creating the pool, I loop over a list of filenames, create a
random number using Crypt:Random:makerandom version 1.25 which uses
Math:Pari version 2.010703.
I submit the job to the pool. After all jobs are submitted, I loop until
all jobs have finished by checking pool->todo for 0.
After retrieving the results for all jobs, I call the shutdown function
of the pool. And here it crashes. If I do not use the Crypt:Random
Module, everything works fine, but I need this random number as a
parameter to my job!

Has anybody observed a similar behavior before?

The problem is, that after the shutdown function some post processing of
the jobs output should be done, that requires another thread pool! But
if I do not call shutdown for the first pool, it crashes when creating a
new pool.

Any ideas?


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