Sajax problem - please help!!!!

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I'm using sajax tool to populate a combobox based on the choice made by
a user from another combobox.
I'm facing a problem in which the html code gets appended to the drop
down options. You can see the live form at
Try selecting an option from the CourseDept dropdown and the CourseName
combobox will be dynamically populated. Check out the last option in
the Coursename drop down menu. It has the html code appended to it.
Also when you change the CourseDept option the CourseName combo box
shows some of the old options aswell. This was not happening before. It
started happening only after i started using Sajax.

I've no idea why is this happening.

Can anyone please help?


Re: Sajax problem - please help!!!!

On Thu, 11 Aug 2005 01:24:47 +1000, Rainmaker wrote:

Hi Rainy

Or you could use DBIx::HTML::LinkedMenus.

Or JavaScript::RPC::Server::CGI.

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