rose::db and mysql_read_default_file

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Sorry if this isn't the best place to post. I couldn't find another
group that was more specific to my question.

I've been trying to get the mysql_read_default_file to work and I'm
not having any luck. I'm hoping someone can help? When I specify the
username and password in there register_db it works fine. When I
replace it with my.cnf, it doesn't work. The my.cnf file works with a
direct DBI call.

package MyDB;

  domain   => 'production',
  type     => MyDB->default_type(),
  driver   => 'mysql',
  database => 'db',
  host     => '',
  mysql_read_default_file => '/etc/my.cnf'

When I use Dumper with retain_dbh I get this:

 $VAR1 = bless( {
                 'connect_options_for' => {
                                            'production' => {
=> 1
                 '__dbh_attributes' => {
                                         'mysql_read_default_file' =>
                 'password_closure' => sub { "DUMMY" },
                 'host' => '',
                 'database' => 'db',
                 '_origin_class' => 'MyDB',
                 'domain' => 'production',
                 'connect_options' => undef,
                 'id' => 'productionmain',
                 'type' => 'main',
                 'driver' => 'mysql'
               }, 'MyDB::__RoseDBPrivate__::Rose::DB::MySQL' );

I hope I provided enough detail. Any help would be much appreciated.


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