[RFC] What's a good CPAN root name for mobile and wireless modules?

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I've got a couple of mobile / wireless classes that I haven't open sourced
yet. Before I do post them to CPAN, I need to choose a good root name for
them. At the moment if you search CPAN for the text 'mobile', then you'll
find mobile / wireless related modules scattered through numerous root
categories. I think a root name such as 'Mobile' may be a good choice.
Others perhaps could be 'Telephony::Mobile' (the root name 'Telephony'
exists),  'Wireless', 'Celular'.
One of my modules of which I have a Perl version is available for PHP
(umm..cough) already:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/mobileuseragent /
-Craig Manley (please don't reply by email)

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