RFC: Smart::Comments::Any

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Smart::Comments is a useful debugging tool; I've written a PerlMonks node
in its defense. (Some seem to object reflexively to any source filter.) I
feel its one serious shortcoming is that it writes all smart output to
STDERR. I particularly want smart output to disk file without redirecting

My current project is to enable writing smart output to any arbitrary
file or filehandle. It is not yet complete but I'm starting the process
of making a release. So far, the module correctly prints smart output to
any filehandle already opened by caller.

Because the new module has been so largely rewritten, I don't think it
appropriate to submit it as a revision of the vanilla Smart::Comments.
Hence, I've named the fork 'Smart::Comments::Any'. I originally intended
to stop at the point of accepting filehandles and write a second module,
'Smart::Comments::Log', to manage opening files for ::Any. I now think
that is an unnecessary complication.

Because of my original concept, the current github repo is named 'smart-
comments-log'. This now seems foolish and, since nobody is watching it
yet, this is a good time to change its name. I will be changing a few
other things to track.

I would like any comments on the name, 'Smart::Comments::Any'. If I
change the name once, I think it best if that is the last time I do so.


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