RFC on module name: Music_Normalize_Fields

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I spent quite some time working on music collection maintainance framework.
The current name for the module is Music_Normalize_Field.  The current
purpose is to convert the various pieces of information about an audio
file to a "normalized" form.

For example, the current test suite checks that the records with

 A="beethoven", N="sonata in F#"

can be converted to

 A=Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
 T=Piano Sonata No. 24 in F sharp major; Op. 78 (1809)

and knows that a correct way to shorten the name is L. van Beethoven.

As you can see, the current algorithms is somewhat tuned up for musical
works.  Moreover, the underscores in the module name indicate that I
do not have a slightest idea where in the module name tree the module
should better belong.

There is a toplevel domain "Music", but the name-lookup subroutines are
not music-specific, and there is a significant part of non-music specific
work (via databases) done with titles as well.  Some module mention
"Normalize" in the name, but there is no toplevel "Normalize".

So I have two questions for you:

  a) can you see some other areas (in addition to audio files) where
     this framework may be useful?

  b) does it deserve a new toplevel name "Normalize", or do you see
     a better place in the module name tree?


Re: RFC on module name: Music_Normalize_Fields

Ilya Zakharevich wrote:

(Thank you, Ilya - my first exposure to Perl was your port to OS/2.)

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Movie/Video collection?  (title, director, screen writer, actors)

Normalising form entries (e.g., on the web) against a database of countries
(provinces/states/regions; municipalities)?

Fantasy sports leagues (entry of short names to expand to player names, or
team names or whatever)?

Or do you mean to me, personally?

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Depends on how generic of a framework you can get it to.  I would think
Data::Normalize::DB (object-noun-method) may be appropriate.

Re: RFC on module name: Music_Normalize_Fields

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Darin McBride
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Of course, the personal point of view is as important as the
"theoretical" one.

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So far all the usages are with "Names", not arbitrary "Data"...


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