RFC: new module SQL::QueryQueue

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Looking for comments on the name, as well as the function of this
module proposal.  This will be my first public module submission, of a
module I have developed and used privately for a few months.  The
intention of the module is to provide a FIFO queue for execution of
SQL statements, providing a fault-tolerant, abstraction of the DBI.
During times of lost database connectivity, statements will be queued
while the SQL::QueryQueue object tries to reconnect.  Once a
connection has been reestablished, the queue will resume processing.


use SQL::QueryQueue;
my $queue  = SQL::QueryQueue->instance($db_dsn, $db_user_id,
my $sql = qq { update test set ip = '' where domain
= ?};
$queue->submit_job($sql, 'perlmonks.org');
# in another sub somewhere in your program...
my $q = SQL::QueryQueue->instance();
my $sql = qq{ select * from test where ip like '209.%' };
my $array_ref = $q->submit_job($sql);
foreach my $row (@$array_ref) {
    print join ', ', @$row, "\n";

The SQL::QueryQueue object inherits from Class::Singleton and depends
on DBI.  The current implementation also depends on Log::Log4perl and
Linuga::EN::Numbers::Ordinate, though these dependencies could be

Any comments & suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Michael Peck
mpeck [at] pobox.com

Re: RFC: new module SQL::QueryQueue

mapeck65@gmail.com wrote:
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Might this be better applied via a DBI subclass (DBIx::QueryQueue) ?
I.e., connect() sets up the queue as well as doing connect,
and prepare/execute/do() route things thru the queue.
Then its all transparent to the rest of the app,
and existing DBI apps (presumably including things like
DBIx::Class, etc.) can just plug it in by changing
"DBI->connect()" to "DBIx::QueryQueue->connect()"
(or via the explicit RootClass connect attribute).

Dean Arnold
Presicient Corp.

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