RFC: New Module: Finance::OFX

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This is my first public Perl module and I could use comments on every aspect of
it. Feel free to rip it to pieces.

The Finance::OFX module is an implementation of an Open Financial Exchange
client. At the moment it can be used to query account information and
transaction statements from financial institutions supporting OFX version 1.
Eventually it should be able to handle all OFX v1 and v2 operations, as well as
load saved files (in case you're like me and have several years worth of
manually downloaded ofx files).

I'm not clear on the bit about registering namespaces on PAUSE. I submitted a
registration for Finance::OFX; do I also need to register everything in the
distribution (response  objects, etc)?


     use Finance::OFX;
     use Finance::OFX::Institution;
     my $fi = Finance::OFX::Institution->new(ORG => $org, FID => $fid, URL =>
     my $ofx = Finance::OFX->new(userID=>$user, userPass=>$pass, Institution =>
     my @accounts = $ofx->accounts;

Any and all comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

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