RFC: new module Class::MakeIntrospecMethods

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For a project, I've heavily modified Class::MethodMaker to ad the
possibility to query an object for the methods created by

For this project, I also used Class-Methodmaker to create a tree where
each node or leaf is an object. So I've also added the possibility to
navigate up the tree of objects with a special "parent" method added
by Class-Methodmaker.

Thus, the modified version enables the user to navigate up or down a
tree (or directed graph) using introspection (to go down) and the
"parent" method to go up.

Unfortunately, these modifications were not accepted by
Class::MethodMaker's author since they did not fit his own vision of
his module (fair enough).

I've also looked at Class::MakeMethod, but this module is way too
complex to add these navigations possibility. Furthermore, the code
generation trick used by Class::MakeMethod (and Class::MethodMaker >
v2.x) make programs very hard to debug, so I'd rather avoid them.

So I aim to:
- fork Class-Methodmaker as of version 1.08
- remove most of the fancy methods and keep only scalar, array and
  hash accessors (with their tied and objects variants)
- provide the introspection and "parent" method generation
- provide a more consistent API (probably close to Class::MakeMethods)

Last but not least, I'm not very satisfied with the module name I
proposed in the subject of this article. Does anyone have a better
idea ?

Are other people interested by this project ?

As always, comments are welcome.


Dominique Dumont
"Delivering successful solutions requires giving people what they
need, not what they want." Kurt Bittner

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