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I would like comments from the community about a module I would
like to implement.

Name: Net::IP::Correct

   Breakdown an incorrect range of IP addresses into
   valid IP Ranges


    This module will exist as a subclass of Net::IP. It would
    basically accept a range of IP address (Net::IP objects), and
    if the range is incorrect, it would break it down into
    seperate correct IP ranges. Each IP range returned would be a
    Net::IP object

    I think Net::IP::Correct is a good enough namespace, although
    there is also Net::IP::Range::Correct, which is more
    meaningful. I'm open to suggestions.

    For example: given the range -, this
    module would break this range down into: -



Re: RFC: Net::IP::Correct

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What is your definition of "correct" here?    I would have expected the

Mike Guy

Re: RFC: Net::IP::Correct

M.J.T. Guy wrote:
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Yes. That is correct :-)
Unfortunately, I was under the impression that one
couldn't create an IP block consisting of 2 addresses.

But I double-checked, and we can, so a .254 netmask
is possible.

I also propose to name this module Net::IP::Range::Split



Re: RFC: Net::IP::Correct

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Rohan> Hi,

Rohan> I would like comments from the community about a module I would
Rohan> like to implement.

Rohan> Name: Net::IP::Correct

As we've also told you on Perlmonks
(<http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=470976 ), this is identical
to what Net::IP's "ip_range_to_prefix" does.

Please pay attention there.  And don't ask questions in multiple
forums without disclosure.  IT WASTES PEOPLE'S TIME, and is therefore

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