RFC: eggdrop userfile parser module

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Dear perl community,

I just put my very first perl module into what you could almost call
usable state, and would like to publish it on CPAN after verifying that
the practices used in the creation of the module are okay and
incorporate any constructive criticism and advice you people come up

It's a simple module to parse the eggdrop userfile format using regexps.
It can e.g. be used to authenticate against eggdrop partyline passwords
using Authen::Passphrase::EggdropBlowfish, which is my intended use

The current working name for the project is Config::Eggdrop::Userfile.
Unless someone comes up with a more accurate name, this is probably
going to be the CPAN name for the module as well.

You can find the source code here:

So far, it's a bare bones module and neither the CPAN related bits nor
tests are done yet, and I've been mostly testing by hand. At this point,
I'm merely looking for comments on the code in general.

Best regards,


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