Req Help to use Shared memory on ActivePerl + WinXP

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Hope it is ok to post this query here. If not kindly let me know the
correct group...

Am trying to understand how to use Shared memory in ActivePerl -
unfortunately AP doesn't seem to support it in its built-in libs.

Trying to download and install IPC::SysV thru CPAN (using ppm) gives
"OS unsupported error".   I tried this both from the Cygwin-bash shell
(in which i usually work) and also from the MS-Command window - same
error.   The shell displays the envar "OS" as Windows_NT.

My PC config in brief:
HP(Compaq) AMD Athlon LE-1640, 2.41GHz, 1.87G RAM
running MS-WinXP 2002 SP2

I have been able to successfully install ActivePerl and run several of
my programs, so I don't think it's anything to do with Perl per se.

How do I make this package (IPC::SysV) available?  OR  Should i be
using some other Shared-memory package?   What would it be?

Kindly help with any / all pointers, or if more info is needed, please
Advance thanks for all the help...

Best Regards,

PS1: My requirement of Shared Memory is rather huge - I need to hold
about 60-80Mb in memory while the applications are running... So,
other possible solutions like pipes etc are out of question.  I am
doing this shared memory thing mainly to cut down on number of IO to
the disk

PS2: Although I am most comfortable with Unix, I have to work on
Windows (home PC) and am not very conversant with Windows API etc.

Re: Req Help to use Shared memory on ActivePerl + WinXP

Ok, from what i read on the net, it looks like this is NOT supported
on Win32.. Also,  the OS that Makefile.PL checks is really 'MSWin32'
and not Windows_NT as I had assumed earlier.

But what I wanted was to be able to use Shared memory, and it seems
the package Win32::MMF  and  Win32::MMF:Shareable  is just the package
for it.  So am studying those now...

Best Regards,

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