replacing characters with their ASCII codes

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Hi All,

Not sure what this is called, if I did, would be able to look it up myself.
Goes like this:  my Perl apps call each other, passing variables through
parameters along the way.  Now sometimes there might be a  '  or a  ", and
these doen't go smoothly, depending on what HTML code my Perl apps
generates.  And these cause headaches.

So I thought there might be a function which translates all problematic
characters into their ASCII equivilant making everything safe to call in a
URL (i.e.  Space becomes %20, etc).

Thanks ahead


Re: replacing characters with their ASCII codes

daniel kaplan wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Er, it would be called "a Frequently Asked Question".

"How do I decode or create those %-encodings on the web?"

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes I see the problem.  That's why FAQs exist.  FAQs are populated with
questions of exactly the type that would be difficult to find the
question without knowing more than someone asking the question is likely
to know.

For this reason you should not only search the FAQ list but also, from
time to time skim the whole thing so that when you encounder a FAQ you
will remember - "Oooh, I saw that in the FAQ".

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