registering name Device::Cdio

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I just received a PAUSE account so that I could add a Perl interface
to my library for working with CD disc images and CD-ROMs called
libcdio ( ).

In reading the proper procedures for uploading new software, I see
that it is a good idea to talk over and register a namespace. Hence
this posting. My thought was to put this under the "Device" section with
the name Cdio (e.g. Device::Cdio).  Short of some fairly small
remaining changes the code, I plan a package out of is in libcdio's
CVS already and can be viewed via: /

The one thing that is a little bit awkward is that the Cdio interace
does have it's own "Device" class so that is referred to as
Device::Cdio:Device - a little long perhaps, but there it is.

(Note: a "device" is not the same thing as a Compact Disc (CD). A
Compact Disc is the thing that you put in a CD-ROM; there is also a CD
image -- a file which could be burned to a real CD which is neither a
CD-ROM nor a real Compact Disc)

Anyway, unless there are comments on this matter I'll probably
register Device::Cdio and upload the first release in a couple of days.


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