Re: new CPAN modules on Thu Mar 29 2012

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This is a nearly complete rewrite of the library I first wrote
in 2003. No longer is it focused on reading only, and the bug
with image formats > 8 bits being totally unreadable is fixed.

I expect few people besides myself have an interest, but since I
was working on it anyway, I polished it into distributable form.
If you are, however, a user of the 1.x version, the interface
has completely changed. Sorry, I think I can avoid that happening
with any future improvements, but it was necessary to consider
denominator value to be really accurate.

Next up, Image::Xfig (might get renamed) that writes xfig
compatable scalable images. It's probably about 20% written,
but enough that I can read an image with PBMlib and then
make a nice graph of it like this: /

uses the pbmtools to do all the preprocessing like scaling and normalizing

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